Writing a book proposal

sample book proposal template

Put that in here. If the point of your book is buried in a long paragraph instead of right up front, an agent is likely to pass on it. This last point is the crucial one.

Again, demonstrate that you can reach a buying audience with this book idea. No traditional publisher with a few notable exceptions, like Hay House and Rodale and a few others has any ability to sell directly to their readers.

Book proposal form

A market overview A market overview is also crucial. This section answers that question with a number of benefits to the reader. Well, you will probably fail, because in the end readers will read your book for pleasure and interest. Why is yours the one that readers will want to pick up, given the vast range of options they already have? Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Write your proposal in a similar style to your completed book. If they sign a lot of authors whose books sell well, they will be respected and secure in their job. Or do you have the capacity to turn fascinating ideas into a dry-as-dust ocean of boringness?

Editors are like sheep—they all want to follow a leader. Also in the case of fiction, be sure to craft your early pages well to grab the reader and make them want more. Or perhaps you are already a fan of a publisher who you think would be perfect for your book? What are your qualifications?

They are counterintuitive.

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How to write a book proposal