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In conclusion, the unemployment is a major problem for many countries. But in spite of all this, he is literally powerless to combat the dragon of unemployment.

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The government should talk the unemployment problem with utmost sobriety and finds its solutions. Youth unemployment causes 1. It may be natural for young people. So, the terms employment and unemployment are poles apart from each other regarding their impacts on society. The majority of the private sectors are no longer interested in human resources. Unless a person fulfils all the requirements, he or she will not even be considered for the position at hand. As lower-income nations develop these sectors, the digital divide will continue to be bridged.

Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 8 and ensuring everyone is able to secure decent work means ending the youth unemployment crisis, working with young people and giving them the chance to maximise their potential. Rather than taking the plunge, they prefer to remain close to home and families as well.

On the one hand, higher youth unemployment can simply result from frequent job changes and short intermediate unemployment spells.

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In my opinion, the unemployment rate is rising for some particular reasons. Almost all the professions are overcrowded. However, the level of youth unemployment will change over time. At such a point in time, there is little which can be done, because companies will not be willing to take on board those who are not exactly perfect for the job. On the one hand, higher youth unemployment can simply result from frequent job changes and short intermediate unemployment spells. Machines are gradually replacing people to work on the production lines. Youth unemployment in an economy with a given labour force will increase if the number of workers gaining jobs is less than the number of people losing their jobs. Affects the economy of a region very negatively: It is rather interesting to note that the global economic crisis is not merely a cause but also an effect of unemployment. A man with the empty stomach cannot be expected to be a true patriot.

The young people who do not have any job or any source of income ultimately become indifferent to right and wrong, good and evil. It is often said that desperate times call for desperate measures and that is the motto which such people choose to live by.

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Facebook 0. This is partially due to a lack of collateral.

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Progress towards the fulfilment of many of the Millennium Development Goals has been slow, and the country ranked out of countries in the United Nations Human Development Index. Global protest movements of young people are a manifestation of their lack of job prospects. No big corporate house is willing to hire individuals who are unsure of what to do in a professional set up. Jobs have become increasingly specialized: Big companies provide their employees with a large number of benefits and facilities. Discriminatory attitude towards the workers on the basis of race, sect, colour, age and sex is also responsible for this cancer of unemployment. The official unemployment rate had steadily increased from 12 per cent of the working age population in to 24 per cent in Individuals should be encouraged to enter diverse fields: Many of us would know that from a very young age, we are made to choose from very specific job options. Once people are well educated, chances are that they will be unwilling to accept a job which is not worthy of their intellect. What are the Causes of Unemployment?

In addition, it is necessary to revise training programs to keep up with the technological development. Nevertheless, poverty reduction and job creation have not kept pace with population growth, implying social distress for an increasing number of Nigerians.

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Despite the high cost of installing machines in the firm, economically, it is deemed friendly and cost-effective since the company undertakes it once in a lifetime. When breadwinners in a family are unable to provide for their loved ones, they have no option but to resort to crime as well as foul means in order to feed their family members. The Problem of Unemployment Votes can be easily bought and sold in the society where unemployment prevails. Ideally, in the future, these kinds of education will be embedded into national curricula, tackling the skills gap. In terms of solutions, to tackle these problem, I believe that innovation in education to train highly skilled workers need to be implemented. It has rather become an international problem being faced by even the rich and advanced countries of the world. So, more population means more problems and more unemployment. The Council, headed by Baroness Lynda Chalker, was inaugurated in as a presidential advisory body to attract global financial players into the Nigerian economy. In conclusion, the unemployment is a major problem for many countries. They too want to be employed but they are unwilling to take up simply any and every job which happens to come their way. One of the most obvious problems is due to the development of technology.

However, infrastructure development electrical grids, etc.

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