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As with much of what happens in the ANC today, factional politics is a crucial part of the story. The customer, as we found out through an intensive listening process, was about accurate time of arrival. New competition laws may trample on some toes but are hardly radical in a market economy. This is not because its policymakers decided this. At the end of all this technology, processes, reward systems, are clients who have customers who buy and renew services. There is more demand for facilitators over lone heros, leadership and coaching over command and control. Other senior ANC politicians have done the same. But the decentralization and autonomy this creates affect how the connected parts of the enterprise will function to make the rate of app development, new workflows, and new processes succeed in what will be a reinvented company. This holds true for software transformation.

And our Net Promoter scores went way up. For months the lack of progress baffled us until we asked some different questions, took a different approach than before and realised they had outsourced their sourcing and recruiting and were struggling with a new approach.

Transformation meaning

In my last role as a COO the executive team, while attempting to introduce a new culture tried a few surprising approaches. In Pivotal Labs we have wonderful fail-safes to avoid going down rabbit holes of what our teams could do as opposed to what they should do.

They are in fact a part of it, but if they really empower and educate their teams they become less critical.

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Their opponents propose a programme which leaves all of that in place but seeks to nudge the economy in a more inclusive direction. But they must try to ensure that it is about including people, not enriching a few.

The details spelled out in recent ANC statements provide an answer.

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All of these plans will remain on the drawing board unless ways are found of ensuring that investment not only continues but also grows.

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