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In contrast to many countries with parliamentary forms of government, where the office of presidentor head of state, is mainly ceremonial, in the United States the president is vested with great authority and is arguably the most powerful elected official in the world.

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He may delegate power for his convenience but delegation does not amount to abdication. The "character issue" is frequently included in public opinion polls on a president's performance. And as well chooses how the laws of the United States are to be enforced along with singling out officials and advisors to assist in operating the Executive Branch. Thus the role of the executive is of paramount importance. Willoughby is strongly of the opinion that the office of the chief executive must be raised to the status of General Manager. The Titular and the Real Chief Executives In parliamentary form of government, all executive power is vested in the titular or constitutional head in theory and all decisions arc supposed to be taken in his name. He should perform the same functions as are performed by the General Manager. Hence generally Congress passes the budget with minor modifications.

They may remove the president through impeachment. Diplomat The president not only decides the direction of American foreign policy but also plays an important role in carrying it out.

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Chief of state Acting as chief of state is a president's most visible function, whether meeting the heads of other countries, welcoming astronauts or college football champions to the White House, or opening the Olympic Games.

The president expects the support of party members in Congress on key votes; however, recent experience has shown that party loyalty is declining.

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The ruling head in India is the President, in Switzerland it is the Federal Council headed by a chairman whose offices rotates yearly among the councilors.

The Senate usually confirms these appointments, though it occasionally rejects a nominee to whom a majority of members have strong objections. In India, the city municipal corporations which are known for effective administrative leadership with the Municipal Commissioner as their chief administrator, suffer from ineffective political leadership as the executive authority is dispersed among various municipal authorities.

Willoughby is strongly of the opinion that the office of the chief executive must be raised to the status of General Manager.

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Willoughby finds the following benefits in erecting the office of Chief Executive into that of General Manager: i The administrative branch, both its organization and its practical operations should become a single piece of administrative mechanism, in which its several parts shall work in unison and not pull in contrary directions.

In public Administration we are concerned with his administrative functions only.

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Donald C. As general manager it is his primary responsibility to see that the administrative affairs of the government are being honestly, efficiently and economically run. Very often we hear of corruption and red-tapism in a particular department, of indifference or bad treatment of an officer towards the public. A complete separation would lead to perpetual deadlocks in administration. Of course, when presidents view themselves as policymakers, they sometimes are impatient with constitutional limitations on executive activity. In this unit, we shall analyse the functions of the chief executive in the light of the differences between the real and the nominal executive. The early presidents did very little in comparison to the current presidents. Hence he also has the power to select the officers. Barrack Obama appointed his main rival — Hilary Clinton, as secretary of state a pivotal post. A charismatic, hard-working, and well-connected individual, Jeffers appeared qualified through his innovative approach to lead the company to new heights. Essay 2.
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Essay on The President as Chief Executive