The 1976 montreal olympics a case study of a project management failure

This case study reviews the circumstances of the cost increases and the design decisions and other circumstances that led to them.

construction project failure case study

Ironically, no one has since delivered a pithier assessment of the corruption than Taillibert himself. To make matters worse, empty post-tensioning ducts filled with water, froze, and required clearing. There is no evidence, however, that either Taillibert or Drapeau ever had a handle on the management of the various construction sites.

montreal case study

At one abutment, the rocky subsoil could not support the thrusts from the roof; a fact that went undiscovered in the original geological testing. Olympic complex would include complicated structures In addition to financial considerations, the Olympic complex would include complicated structures: the main stadium and velodrome would be constructed from precast, post-tensioned concrete, which presented significant construction challenges.

The 40 year hangover how the 1976 olympics nearly broke montreal

Additionally, the Canadian winter would require consideration, as well as the fact that the design would be completed in France, with the drawings being presented in SI units, which would require conversion to the English system. These issues would run through many aspects of the project. With mounting time pressure and fear of embarrassment at missing the opening of the games, a licence for free spending, corruption and union strong-arming flourished. Pinterest Leger left and Drapeau right , listen as Taillibert describes the layout of Parc Olympique. Only when a corruption commission forced his hand, five years later, did Trudeau finally produce a bill charging Niding for the house. Time pressure played a key role, preventing a tender process. Amazingly, this occurred after it became apparent that he was running into difficulties with the velodrome. Game off! In , Montreal was awarded the Olympics, beating bids from Moscow and Los Mayor Drapeau appointed himself project manager and gave free rein to his architect. Project failure No one reason contributed to the failure. Ironically, no one has since delivered a pithier assessment of the corruption than Taillibert himself.

But neither Mayor Drapeau nor Taillibert had a good track record in financial management. In the end, a commission of inquiry would blame Drapeau, Taillibert, and the Olympic Organising Committee for the failure, as well as the labour unions, contractors and suppliers that took advantage of the situation.

Part of the justification for the expense of the facilities was the hope that the facilities would be useful for future athletic events-the record on this is mixed at best.

Famous project management failures

In one particularly crucial period of construction, from May until the end of October , less than a year before the opening ceremonies were to commence, the unions walked off the job and no work was done at all. The difficulties were brought on by an unrealistic schedule to complete the facilities before the fixed start date of the Games, combined with an unusually cavalier attitude toward project costs, exacerbated by political tensions. In what would become part of a recurring theme, Taillibert did not consider value adding engineering. A project management failure can lead to delays and cost overruns. But, if the velodrome represented a project management failure, the construction of the Olympic Stadium would become a project management nightmare. As it would do with debt, corruption and construction chaos, the Montreal Olympics inspired a trend in boycotts, when 22 African nations refused to participate because the IOC would not ban New Zealand for sending the All Blacks rugby team to tour apartheid South Africa. A project management failure can lead to delays and cost overruns. The system failed completely and every civil engineering firm involved knew they could just open this veritable cash register and serve themselves. In perhaps one of the best illustrations of how the system was being abused, this ultimatum resulted in a productivity increase of per cent. David O'Riordandoriordan engineersireland. The structure was comprised of precast concrete ribs that cantilevered out over the stadium, with the ribs being post-tensioned together — a very inefficient structure compared to a dome with a compression ring at the centre.

The lessons learned can be applied to other projects to better control costs.

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