How to write a going green letter to customers

So you do stuff, so what?

Go green sample letter

You should print your Cover Letter on your company letterhead. Why Go Green? Never written a proposal before? Whatever your reasons, these options will all require different approaches, so read on. The client's concerns come first. Send a letter, just not multiple If customers' email addresses aren't within the company database yet, sending out a letter could be the only option. What does green or eco mean? Give employees company time to participate in volunteer projects. After the client-centered section comes your turn to shine.

Customers will pay up to 10 per cent more for products that are green e. Send an email to your customer list to inform them of your paperless billing decision.

Encouraging customers to go paperless

In this case, you can directly link the customer to your website to make opt-in choices if necessary. If you are near the Indian Ocean, what sea life is most at risk and why? In the U. The president or another senior employee drives industry-wide efforts to improve the environmental or social impact of the entire sector. The key to a successful proposal is to tailor it to the party who will receive it. Learn more through the Green Burial Council. Source: Westin website Make it visual or relate facts and figures to something tangible, e. Increase revenues.

Put yourself in the other party's shoes. Before deciding how to communicate your sustainability efforts have a think about which group of customers you need or want to appeal to.

paperless notice

Or retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency. Minimize or eliminate other types of purchases that generate waste.

how to announce going paperless

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How to Notify Customers That We Are Going Paperless