How to write a book for kindle format to pdf

How to format an ebook for kindle

Choose one of the first two ToC formats and a box will appear. Choose the type of book you're making and click Choose File. This software normally produces cluttered running text with no visible breaks that are almost impossible to read. Add images. This is the or digit number that identifies all books published since We also advise our clients to only submit the final edited manuscripts for conversion to avoid errors in the Kindle format of their eBook. Click back to Layout in the menu and Page Setup. Read below how you can convert from a normal format to PDF and after that sending it to Kindle 1 and Touch. Place the cursor where you want the image to appear and click Insert in the menu. They will be directed straight to specific parts of the book by clicking on the relevant chapter in the table of contents. The PDF would need to be converted before it could be sold, so you might as well submit an Epub instead. You will receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with your eBook. Here are our top tips for adding images in Word: Insert images at their original size.

You can get in touch with us at any time to place special orders, submit a complaint, or get more information regarding our services. You can either click on Size or open up the dialog box by clicking on the arrow in the lower-right corner.

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Kindle Create will start finding chapter titles. Please contact us if you have any unique formats other than the ones listed above that you need us to convert.

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Text boxes and shapes. We assure all of the files we convert to Kindle format go through a thorough quality-assurance inspection to check compatibility with Kindle devices. Font embedding for all manuscripts — We understand how important it is for people reading your Kindle books to get an experience similar to reading the print version.

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Track Changes. Your eBook should include a title page with your book title and author name. Page numbers will probably appear as well, but these will disappear during the conversion process. They will be directed straight to specific parts of the book by clicking on the relevant chapter in the table of contents. This step can also be done during the writing process, and the default styles in Microsoft Word can be customized. Check the image resolution. Here's a summary of where and how you can sell PDFs in the major ebookstores. CreateSpace is owned by Amazon which means your paperback version will show as an option right next to the Kindle copy on your Amazon book page. Please head over to our client review page and see what satisfied clients have to say about us. The samples below will show you how this is achieved.

This can lead to unwarranted negative reviews for a publisher or author. If you're formatting in Word, use Kindle Previewera free desktop application.

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Repeat this step for each chapter beginning.

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How to Convert a Kindle Book to PDF