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Business intelligence overview presentation

We can explore different types of reports while considering the preceding key factors and organizing data in a variety of ways to show the relationship of the general information to the detailed. A single report can have characteristics from more than one type; for example, a report can be, at the same time, a stand-alone report, a subreport referenced by a main report, the target of a drillthrough report in a different main report, and a drilldown report. Gain in depth real time insights into customers. Drillthrough Reports: A Drillthrough report is a report that a user opens by clicking a link within another report. Another way is display the data in a subreport that is completely contained within a main report. This presentation was the most interesting I have had in years. What a mistake taking him away from sales. Reduce time spent on data entry and manipulation.

Once we finalize the reporting tool, the next step is to select the report design and data display to present the data as information for the user community. He carries a strong knowledge of database, data warehouse, and business intelligence application design and development.

BI enables improved internal communication through simplified collaboration and sharing so that business objectives and performance properly align. Everyone is talking about big data, but in the business intelligence world it means one thing: Organizations are being overwhelmed by massive amounts of new information that they need to analyze quickly and accurately.

business intelligence overview presentation

Another new trend is to present enterprise-wide massive amounts of data Big Data. For more details, see the link given below. The first mobile BI products allowed users to look at data remotely on their tablets and mobile phones, and as devices improved, dashboards and other visual representations made it easier for people to access the information they needed in the format they desired.

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Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence may technically have different definitions, however they are closely related and must work together to make informed business objectives. Drillthrough Reports: A Drillthrough report is a report that a user opens by clicking a link within another report.

Nested Reports: A Nest report can nest one data region, such as a chart, inside another data region, such as a matrix, typically to display data summaries in a concise manner or to provide a visual display as well as a table or matrix display. Presentations Do you need a presenter for a conference or internal event?

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Drillthrough reports commonly contain details about an item that are contained in an original summary report. We discussed various types of reports and the factors that help in decision making for designing and implementing any report. To control data display or user interaction, we can use report parameters that can be combined with expressions and provide the ability to customize how report data is filtered, grouped, and sorted. PowerPoint Map Templates see link given below can help you create such presentations by showing maps for individual countries, regions, continents, etc. Initially, the mobility of information was "nice to have," but now it is an absolutely essential component of any useful report. It's always highly recommended that organizations should change their way of operating and align with industry trends for better results and use the best of technology in their own interest. It is important to note that many business intelligence tools have competitive intelligence functionality. Go to Download Map PowerPoint Templates Sales Chart PowerPoint Template Transforming data and analysis in the form of charts is one of the most essential aspects of a presentation which may contain data from the Business Intelligence division of an organization. Competitive intelligence is defined as the process of gathering and analysing intelligence about a business's external environment, such as the market landscape for a particular industry or a business's competitors.

Capital One runs more than 30, experiments a year to identify desirable customers and price credit card offers. We need to adopt and support new trends to meet user objectives in a rapidly changing paradigm.

Interpreting such data for geographically mobile divisions can be quite difficult; this is why making good use of a map template can help you present the most complicated geographical data in easy to understand slides.

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