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Increases in aggressiveness, arousal and irritability have been associated with anabolic steroid use. Deepening of the voice, enlargement of the clitoris, decreased breast size, altered menstruation, hirsutism and male pattern baldness are all clinical features common to hyperandrogenism in females Derman, Gynecomastia isa benign enlargement of the male breast resulting from an altered estrogen-androgen balance, or increased breast sensitivity to a circulating estrogen level. In addition, a decrease in collagen synthesis has been reported from anabolic steroid administration in rats Karpakka et al. The following are the gender and age-specific health concerns that are caused by steroids overdose. Many of the substances used by athletes and adolescents to enhance performance carry significant critical risks, including a risk of death [ 6 ]. It is worth to notice that compared to the Clean group, the Doped group presented larger variations in many of the measurements like leg lean mass Doped, However, similar correlation between AAS dosage and leg lean mass or fat free body mass was not observed in the present study. In a study on Finnish power lifters, investigators examined 62 athletes who finished in the top 5 in various weight classes between the years and Parssinen et al. Studies in mice have suggested that anabolic steroids may lead to degeneration of collagen proportional to duration of steroid administration and potentially lead to a decrease in tensile strength Michna, However, when these athletes self-administered anabolic steroids, a higher percentage of wave form abnormalities were exhibited. The most common sites of acne development are on the face and back. In contrast, bodybuilders use anabolic steroids to enhance muscle growth and definition. In line with laboratory intervention studies [12] , [26] , we observed that AAS dosage was significantly correlated with fiber area and nuclei number NIFA; Table 4. The higher lean leg mass in the Doped subjects has been revealed to be mainly due to increased muscle mass, as shown in our previous study on the same group of doped athletes [37].

Elevations in arousal and self-esteem may be a positive side effect for the athlete. The penalties for professional athletes who use drugs are too lenient, they should be more severe.

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Elevations in arousal and self-esteem may be a positive side effect for the athlete. AAS dose-dependent muscular adaptations Previous studies have shown that testosterone administration was associated with a dose-dependent increase in skeletal muscle mass, leg strength and power [2] , [17] , [41]. Consequently, training regiments were slightly different, even though all aiming at increasing muscle strength. Despite the popular use of steroids in athletics field, the anabolic steroids pose serious psychological and physical threats to the human body if taken in overdose. In both populations, androgens have been successfully used as part of the treatment for growth delay Albanese et al. Tabriz, Iran 3Dept. Nations noteworthy medical practitioners are upholding the cause of educating public about the harmful side effects of anabolic steroid use. However, anabolic steroid-induced changes in lipid profiles may not, per se, lead to significant cardiovascular dysfunction. In recent years clinical treatment with anabolic steroids has increased lean tissue and improved daily functional performance in AIDS patients Strawford et al. Prospective research on anabolic steroid use and connective tissue injury is warranted.

And as you will read later, I talk about steroids with high school athletes. Recent research has indicated that those athletes exhibit behavior that are consistent with substance dependence disorder Perry et al. There have been concerted efforts made by health specialists to spread awareness by organizing campaigns against substance use disorders.

They will generally cycle the drug to help them reach peak condition at a specific time of the training year.

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This may have the potential to exacerbate the reduction in coronary vasculature density. Additionally, post-study subjects de-coding revealed that Doped group was older and composed of athletes involved in bodybuilding and strongmen events, while Clean athletes were all power-lifters. Correlation analysis revealed significant positive correlations between AAS dosage and relative muscle force. Consequences for interpretation of data are several: 1 Doping controls implemented for power-lifters in Sweden has reduced the number of doped athletes, while the same anti-doping efforts have not been taken in other power events. This is likely related to the role that androgens have in regulating hair growth Lee et al. However, similar correlation between AAS dosage and leg lean mass or fat free body mass was not observed in the present study. In addition to increased aggressiveness, there have also been reports of violent behavior and there are evidences suggesting an enhanced risk of unnatural death by committing suicide or being the victim of homicide [ 1 ]. Iran is one of many countries where prevalence of AAS use is increasing, especially among youth people who desire to have muscular body by physical training. Regardless, research should focus on these former athletes to ascertain possible long-term effects from androgen use. One study has shown that high doses of anabolic steroids decrease the degradation and increase the synthesis of type I collagen Parssinen et al. Steroid abuse is responsible for dangerous health ailments such as kidney impairment and liver failures and cardiovascular problems such as swelling of heart, high blood pressure, and increase in blood cholesterol that eventually causes heart stroke and cardiac arrest. Increased muscle mass in subjects using AAS has been proposed to result from muscle hypertrophy alone [12] or from both muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia [38]. They however do not accentuate cardiovascular activity or agility.

References 1. Methods: Overall, male gym users participated in this study as intervention and control group. The Doped group also had a tendency towards larger fibers, although not significant, most likely due to large variations in fibre area. Decreases in libido as a result of hypogonadism appear to be a function of high baseline levels of sexual functioning and desire Schmidt et al.

Examples of drugs that are used by most athletes are the following: Anabolic Steroids, Dietary supplements, Blood. One previous study has shown that days of transdermal testosterone treatment resulted in increase in leg press by 90 days but did not induce further improvement by days [42].

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While the issue of medical risks in individuals self-administering anabolic steroids is still being hotly debated, the medical community is no longer denying the potential clinical use of these androgens Dobs,

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Medical Issues Associated with Anabolic Steroid Use: Are They Exaggerated?