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All this is illustrated by the priorities in the example below. Things can become complicated with multiple levels of Criteria, but if there is only one level, their priorities also add to 1.

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Two detailed case studiesspecifically designed as in-depth teaching examples, are provided as appendices to this article: Simple step-by-step example with four Criteria and three Alternatives: Choosing a leader for an organization. There are many categories, measured by different units, and the analyzed systems fulfill various criteria in varying degree.

As we go through this process, we increase our global understanding of whatever complex reality we are studying. System B is superior to system A, thanks to significantly better environmental performance.

The effect of bottled water consumption on the natural environment One of the main burdens on the natural environment associated with the consumption of bottled water is its energy-intensity and the waste produced.

Analytical hierarchy process a step-by-step approach

The priorities shown are those that exist before any information has been entered about weights of the criteria or alternatives, so the priorities within each level are all equal. In the interest of clarity, the decision alternatives do not appear in the diagram. These conclusions are in tune with the common trends and regulations. Each criterion is a parent of the three Alternatives. Familiar hierarchies of "things" include a desktop computer's tower unit at the "top", with its subordinate monitor, keyboard, and mouse "below. Even after its initial construction, it can be changed to accommodate newly-thought-of criteria or criteria not originally considered to be important; alternatives can also be added, deleted, or changed. So far, we have looked only at default priorities.

A simple AHP hierarchy. In this case, the authors tried to quantify how much bottled water is drunk in Cracow and then using American and Swiss LCA analysis, assess the actual environmental costs of such consumption for the city and its residents.

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There are three Alternatives for reaching the Goal, and four Criteria to be used in deciding among them. Human organizations are often structured as hierarchies, where the hierarchical system is used for assigning responsibilities, exercising leadership, and facilitating communication.

Advanced students continue the subdivision all the way to the level of the cell or molecule. It consists of an overall goal, a group of options or alternatives for reaching the goal, and a group of factors or criteria that relate the alternatives to the goal.

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Over papers have been published on the subject in China, and there is at least one Chinese scholarly journal devoted exclusively to AHP. Considering that a person should drink 1. There are two schools of thought about rank reversal. The criteria can be further broken down into subcriteria, sub-subcriteria, and so on, in as many levels as the problem requires. The nodes to which it is so connected are called its children. Similarly, when we approach a complex decision problem, we can use a hierarchy to integrate large amounts of information into our understanding of the situation. So far, we have looked only at default priorities.
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Analytic hierarchy process